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Cooperation JUST went digital.

The Sustainability Atelier is an international partnership lead by outstanding voices in development cooperation, collaborating around the world to advance Key Global Agendas.

International Cooperation has changed.             

Today’s climate can spare a bunch of CO2 tons & unnecessary costs…

We need to invite transformation in!

The post-COVID19 world is here; and so is the future. Organizations will have to learn how to transform themselves and use the best of the digital world and local leadership. Talented ‘teaming’ across disciplines and nations will be the new way to provide international services and non-located system wide strategies to governments, agencies and stakeholders in general, by reducing traveling and increasing capacity for remote collaboration, without sacrificing impact.

Our Activities


Passion in all we do.



    Local Action


Translating Sustainability into learning landscapes & lifestyle choices is key! Established in the beautiful landscape of Arteaga Mountains, in Northern Mexico, we make sure our activities anchor global agendas into place-based action, to experience the tangible impact of developing sustainably.

Read our #SDGAction11902:

“The Saltillo Declaration”.

    Smart International Cooperation

Today’s cooperation landscape has changed radically as the #PostCorona world sets in. Increased digitalization will change the way international cooperation works.We need to start co-creating a more fair, eco-smart & inclusive way of collaborating. ITC’s can be an ally in this & we are topping it! Our organization is hosted in HOWSPACE.

    Global Networks

No one can do things alone. Accelerating actions towards sustainability entails building partnerships. The 21st century organization will be the sum of talent and willingness to design and build socio-ecological resilience. We harness global creativity to achieve this and tap into a wide network of practitioners and professionals to deliver.

We Go Beyond global

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Passion in all we do.


The Sustainability Atelier (2021)