Apply now to the Training of Trainers on Education for Sustainable Development 2022

The ESD Transformative Learning Lab convenes leaders working at the forefront of education and sustainability, addressing the socio-ecological tensions of our time. These are people who can demonstrate a history of action within the metropolitan area of Saltillo, who canadd value to other participants with their experience enthusiasm and inspiration.



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Cooperation JUST went digital.

The Sustainability Atelier is an international partnership lead by outstanding voices in development cooperation, collaborating around the world to advance Key Global Agendas.

International Cooperation has changed.             

Today’s climate can spare a bunch of CO2 tons & unnecessary costs…

We need to invite transformation in!

The post-COVID19 world is here; and so is the future. Organizations will have to learn how to transform themselves and use the best of the digital world and local leadership. Talented ‘teaming’ across disciplines and nations will be the new way to provide international services and non-located system wide strategies to governments, agencies and stakeholders in general, by reducing traveling and increasing capacity for remote collaboration, without sacrificing impact.

Our strategy: TEAMING                   We work across borders.


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The Sustainability Atelier (2021)